Dan2Hi, I’m the newbie on the block, Dan McElhattan. Friends had me hooked the night I came by to see them feeding the hungry. That cold night there were over 100 people that visited Friends at St. Tim’s for a warm dinner: They weren’t disappointed. Neither was I.
    I was in banking from 1969 to 1990. I came to Nevada, from Utah, in 1973 with my wife and young son. In 1993, I joined a casino on the strip and enjoyed the difference it presented from banking. While there, I decided to do a “bucket list” wish to finish college. So after a 30 year hiatus, I went back to college in 2000. I graduated with a degree in Social Work in 2005.
    It was in college that I began working with the homeless. I learned that my former concept of a homeless person was wrong. They are truly God’s kids. They could be your mother, father, sister or brother. Or, your favorite uncle or aunt that took the wrong turn, could be among the homeless. They could be you or me.
    My son is in his 40s now doing wonderful with his family. My wife and I are still in love, this anniversary it will be 44 years. I am retired now and I was sitting around asking God what I could do for Him, when Donna Coleman with Friends called. I must be careful when I pray. But all kidding aside, I am honored to be a part of such a fine organization. My experience of getting people off of the street, I hope will be of value in furthering Friends In the Desert.
    Keep your contributions of service, food and money coming. You can’t imagine how much it is appreciated. May God bless you and all your good works.
    Dan McElhattan