• Feeding the Homeless



    Some lucky diners were treated to a Five Star quality meal featuring filet mignon and a wonderful looking dessert at the Ascencia Cafe in Glendale, California. This is no ordinary five star restaurant as the cafe is actually the dining area of the Ascencia Shelter for homeless people that was transformed into the nice restaurant to give these people a special night they’ll always remember. Something to think about the next time you enjoy a nice steak dinner. Watch the video and then read on below to see how you can help bring joy to those in need right here at Friends in the Desert.


    You can help Friends in the Desert create a phenomenal Thanksgiving Dinner for our guests. Donate a Cooked Turkey or Baked Ham for our Thanksgiving Dinner. We do not have the oven space to cook the required Turkeys. But you can help. If you do not have the time or space to do a Turkey, maybe you know a restaurant or someone who does. Give them the Turkey to roast or ask them to donate the cooked bird as well.  This is an opportunity to help us and do some good this holiday season. Click below to tell us what you can contribute or request more information.