• RJ VIEW- Nonprofit serves homeless, low-income residents with restaurant-style experience

    The backroom of St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church is vacant and quiet.

    It’s always like this at 4:25 p.m., despite the line of dozens of people outside, waiting for the doors to open and dinner to be served.

    Some days, church volunteers have seen the line stretch past the parking lot, but this Wednesday afternoon is relatively tame, with about 80 hungry mouths.

    Their stories and struggles might be different, but everyone in that line has one common denominator: They all rely on Friends in the Desert to give them a meal — in some cases, their only one for the day.

    “It’s time to open,” said Muriel Dufendach, operations manager for the Henderson-based nonprofit, which provides food, clothing and hygiene products for homeless and low-income people. Its mission to feed those in need became clear after church members noticed homeless men scrounging for food in the dumpsters behind the church at 43 Pacific Ave.

    “It is what we are supposed to do (as Christians),” Dufendach said. “Jesus said ‘feed my sheep,’ so, that’s what we are doing.”

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