Friends In The Desert offers a number of programs designed to meet the needs of the homeless and disadvantaged. Friends primary program is the serving of hot meals to the homeless in a dignified setting.

Joining those that have been struggling with homelessness for an extended period of time, our guests numbers have grown to include many that have just recently been forced into the most difficult of choices, choosing between using their limited funds for a meal or health care expenses or housing expenses.

It is our mission and hope that through the programs offered by Friends, everyone of our guests will find it easier to re-establish their home life or return home. Please take a minute to consider the programs offered by Friends. Sometimes the path home is difficult. Yet through the generosity of volunteers, donors and partners, Friends better positions its guests for success as they strive to establish or maintain a home life.

We invite your participation and support.

Program Overview:
– Hot Meals (Read More)
– Sack Lunches (Read More)
– Family Boxes
– Hygiene Kits (Read More)
– Health Care Referrals and Screenings
– Pro Bono Legal Service (Read More)
– Socks and Clothing (Read More)
– Friends Moving Forward
– Newsletter
– Annual membership and volunteer recognition (Read More)

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