Basic Hygiene & Health Care

For most Americans, personal hygiene is simply a matter of walking into their bathroom and engaging in “washing up” and getting clean. Most of the time, folks don’t really stop to think about it. It’s just a part of their daily routine.

For the homeless, personal hygiene comes with its own set of struggles. Beyond the simple morning wash and toothbrushing, just taking a bath or shower is a major struggle

Families with children – especially if the children still require diapers – also face extra challenges.

Yes, if resources allow, Friends in the Desert provide disposable diapers to families that have toddlers. However, resources are finite. Consequently, families face the possibility that homeless support services agencies may not be able to assist them.

The freedom and relative ease of maintaining their personal hygiene is something which most Americans – regardless of how busy their lives may be – take for granted. For others just a clean pair of socks or a razor and shaving cream are a luxury.

For America’s homeless, a desire for cleanliness is besieged by struggle and social indignities. For most Americans, personal hygiene is simply a matter of walking into their bathroom and “washing up.” At Friends in the Desert we provide the basic necessities for hygiene, unfortunately we do not have the facilities for a shower or bath. But the supplies we have do help to make a difference.

Friends in the Desert seeks donations of and purchases preventive health care items such as soap, shampoo, feminine hygiene products, tooth paste, tooth brushes and other related items such as Socks and Clothing. We make these these items are available based on the items donated by private organizations or individuals.


Health Care Referrals

Health Care Referrals and Screenings: Friends in the Desert currently provides on-site health care screening and preventive health care services through an ongoing partnership with the Touro University Nursing Program.

Basic hygiene and health care is essential to alleviating the risk of infection and other health problems.



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